Important Shortcut Keys System_Use of MS Word Keyboard Shortcuts-creative tricks


Use of MS Word Keyboard Shortcuts: 


Important Shortcut Keys System_Use of MS Word Keyboard Shortcuts-creative tricks

Ctrl + A = Select All. (All Select)

Ctrl + B = text bold. (Bold)

Ctrl + C = to copy something. (Copy)

Ctrl + D = Display the Font Change dialog box.

Ctrl + E = center alignment.

Ctrl + F = Find or replace any word. (Find World)

Ctrl + G = Go to command.

Ctrl + H = replace command. (Replace)

Ctrl + I = Text Italic. (Italic)

Ctrl + J = Text Justified Alignment. (Justify)

Ctrl + K = Create hyperlink. (Hyperlink)

Ctrl + L = Text Left Alignment. (Left Align)

Ctrl + M = Invent.

Ctrl + N = To open a new document. (New File)

Ctrl + O = To open a previously created file. (File Open)

Ctrl + P = Document Print. (Print) 

Ctrl + Q = For spacing between paragraphs.

Ctrl + R = Right alignment of text. (Right Align)

Ctrl + S = save file. (Save)

Ctrl + T = to change indent.

Ctrl + U = text underline.

Ctrl + V = to paste text.

Ctrl + W = to close the file. (Close File)

Ctrl + X = To cut something from a document. (Cut)

Ctrl + Y = to repeat. (Redo)

Ctrl + Z = Undo or revert. (Undo)

Ctrl + Alt + Delete to restart the computer

Important Shortcut Keys System_Use of MS Word Keyboard Shortcuts-creative tricksImportant uses of the key F1 to F12 buttons at the top of the computer keyboard

F1:  Used as a helper key. When the F1 key is pressed, the help page of each program is moved.

F2:  Used to rename a file or folder. Press Alt + Ctrl + F2 to open a new Microsoft Word document. Ctrl + F2 is used to view the print preview of Microsoft Word.

F3:  Pressing the key opens the search options of many programs including Microsoft Windows. Shift + F3 is used to start the text of Microsoft Word from uppercase to lowercase or the first letter of each word with uppercase letters.

F4: By pressing F4, the last action performed in Microsoft Word can be repeated. All active programs are closed by pressing Alt + F4. Pressing Ctrl + F4 closes all active windows.

F5: Microsoft Windows, Internet browsers, etc. are refreshed by pressing. PowerPoint slide show is started. And the find, replace, go to window of Microsoft Word opens.

F6:  Pressing the mouse cursor moves to the address bar of the internet browser. Pressing Ctrl + Shift + F6 activates another document opened in a Microsoft Word document.

F7: By pressing F7, the spelling and grammar of Microsoft Word is fixed and Creat browsing of Mozilla Firefox is started. Pressing Shift + F7 launches a dictionary in Microsoft Word to know the synonyms, antonyms, word types, etc. of a selected word.

F8:  What works when the operating system starts. This key is usually pressed to launch Windows Safe Mode.

F9: Press the F9 key to open Quark 5.0's Measurement toolbar.

F10: Selects the menu bar of Internet browser or an open window by pressing the key. Shift + F10 is done by right-clicking on a selected text or link or image.

F11: Pressing Internet browser's full-screen mode is turned on and off.

F12: Pressing F12 opens the Save as window of Microsoft Word. Shift + F12 saves the Microsoft Word document. And preload the Microsoft Word document by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F12

Important Shortcut Keys for Computer-

  • CTRL+A= Select All 
  • CTRL+C= Copy
  • CTRL+X= Cut
  • CTRL+V= Paste
  • CTRL+Z= Undo
  • CTRL+B= Bold
  • CTRL+U= Underline
  • CTRL+I= Italic 


F2=Rename selected object

F3=Find all files

F4=Opens file list drop-down in dialogs

F5=Refresh current window

F6=Shifts focus in Windows Explorer

F10=Activates menu bar options

ALT+TAB=Cycles between open applications

ALT+F4 =Quit program, close current window

ALT+F6 =Switch between current program windows

ALT+ENTER=Opens properties dialog

ALT+SPACE =System menu for current window

ALT+¢ =opens drop-down lists in dialog boxes

BACKSPACE=Switch to parent folder

CTRL+ESC=Opens Start menu

CTRL+ALT+DEL=Opens task manager, reboots the computer

CTRL+TAB=Move through property tabs

CTRL+SHIFT+DRAG=Create shortcut (also right-click, drag)

CTRL+DRAG = Copy File




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