How do affiliate Marketers get people to buy their products?


How  do affiliate Marketers get people to buy their products?

A lot of people have asked me this question and over time I've discovered that most people don't want to start affiliate marketing, not because they don't have the money, but they feel... Going around looking for people to buy is something they can't do.

How  do affiliate Marketers get people to buy their products?

I'll explain how it works...

First Affiliate marketing involves selling. It is not a referral scheme or ponzi or MLM.

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How does it work?

When you join a good affiliate marketing platform, the first thing you're presented with is an array of products you can sell.

For a platform like Expertnaire, these products are mostly video seminars and tutorials. Now what you do is...

Pick one product you feel you understand properly. If you have a background with bet9ja or other sports betting platform.

Expertnaire has a product that teaches people how to make money from betting, without betting. It has to do with making money through betting commissions.

What do you do? Pick it, come on Facebook. Start creating content around betting. Open your head and your mind to think out content you can create that will inspire people.

Talk about your betting experience, talk about how people should be betting and mistakes they should avoid.

Small, shorts posts will do. Share these content around in Facebook groups, go on twitter talk about it. Talk about it on your personal Facebook wall.

Tell people you have a better way they can make money from betting without losing money.

Who would not want that?

Don't go spamming groups with your affiliate link. Only a wild animal will do that..

Rather, close sales in your dm.

By doing this, you're actually making money through organic traffic. You're not spending money to reach out to people.

The other route is through advertising. In other words, you pay for adverts.

You can pay Facebook, Instagram, twitter to allow you advertise your product to thousands or millions of people on Facebook.

Or... You can use social media and WhatsApp influencers.. This will cost you money to start, but it is faster and guarantees quicker results.

I know you must have seen alerts of people making 1 million naira weekly on expertnaire. Yes! It is very possible!

But they usually achieve that by running paid adverts. To get that 1 million in a week and consistently, you might be required to spend as much as N200k on adverts in that week.

That's how it works.

These and more are they things you learn as a money making affiliate marketer. It is fun

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