What is Digital Marketing?


Digital Marketing is a time-tested, results-driven marketing strategy that has gone through three major stages of evolution. This blog post will provide an overview of each stage and the benefits they can offer small to medium size businesses.

What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a unified term for a complex system of advertising across numerous digital channels. It has been around since the beginning of the World Wide Web and can simply be described as Internet Marketing or web marketing in today’s terms. The practice started out with simple ads placed on websites before evolving into more interactive ads with video clips, pop-ups, banners, and more recently social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

What Does Digital Marketing Include?

Digital Marketing is a marketing term referring to the use of digital media to market a business’s products and services across various platforms. It encompasses online marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, search marketing, and more.
The following are the four major channels where digital marketers must be present:
Facebook - With over 1 billion active users in 2013 and double-digit growth for each year since its inception in 2004, Facebook has become an important community for consumers and businesses alike to share content and interact with one another. This growing user base makes it the most important platform for Digital Marketers to use as they figure out their target audience.
Google - Google is a leading search engine with more than 85% of the total search traffic. Digital Marketers should be taking advantage of this database and implementing strategies to optimize their listings and gain more visibility in the SERPs.
LinkedIn - With over 100 million users, LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional network sites. Digital Marketers can use this platform to increase brand awareness and connect with influencers in their industry.
Twitter - Twitter is a favorite among Digital Marketers for its ease of use and ability to post updates instantly. It is also one of the easiest ways to interact with customers via highly targeted conversations.
It includes all aspects of marketing that are done through digital channels (Internet, mobile devices, social networks, etc.
This includes paid, un-paid and hybrid marketing which is a mix of paid and un-paid, as well as all types of digital media such as video, images, websites and blogs.
The major benefits to running digital marketing campaigns are short product development time, low cost and high conversion rates.
Digital Marketing can be generally split into three phases:
Paid Search - Traditional marketing which relies on ads placed in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. This often requires the use of PPC (Pay Per Click), an ad that appears at the top of the first page when someone performs a search for a particular brand or keyword.

How Treat Need to Know About Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Terms to Learn

You've presumably heard the expression "advanced showcasing." But the thing is computerized promoting? Is it new or something that already existed before social media took off? Does it have something to do with search engines? Is it more than just search engines?

Digital Marketing has a lot to do with this and a lot to do with social media and SEO. Basically, digital marketing is marketing on the web, but using social media to attract new customers. If you’re marketing through websites, social media, and maybe even SEO, that’s digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Examples

So, why should you even care about digital marketing? Well, you could care less, but it’s really hard to do marketing if you don’t know how. Here are just a few examples of ways that digital marketing works:

Revenue generated on the web increases.

 Web traffic helps you generate leads. If you build relationships with your leads, they’ll want to buy from you. How do you build relationships? By offering free content and other forms of social media content. People like to give stuff away for free (sometimes you even ask for permission to give something away for free, but not always), so offering content through social media, coupons, and giveaways is effective. If you build relationships and offer these things to your leads, you’ll build better relationships with them.

Internet marketing makes a website stand out, so you have a chance of being found. People can see your company on Google. Then, if they want to buy something, they’ll see your website. It’s important to get noticed and to be seen online. Once they find your website, they want to learn more about your products or services. You’ll need to offer a lot of valuable content on your website. When people search for certain keywords (or even general questions or questions about your company), you’ll be able to find them. There are a lot of people online right now. So, you might not get to them right away, but eventually you will.

How Treat Need to Know About Digital Marketing?

How Treat Need to Know About Digital Marketing?

  • We’re just getting started, so let’s talk about what you need to know about digital marketing. Here are some facts you should know about it.
  • Digital marketing is popular. There’s a lot of marketing done in the world right now, but a lot of it is done digitally. That’s because people are becoming more comfortable with the digital world. Digital marketing seems new and unfamiliar, but it isn’t really. This is part of the reason why it is very popular.
  • It’s used a lot by small businesses. Small businesses use digital marketing a lot more than large businesses. They tend to start a blog and start using social media a lot earlier than larger businesses do.
  • People still have the tendency to do their online research. You can’t count on your customers just coming to you because of a TV ad, website, or magazine ad. People still want to do their research, so a lot of small businesses will do some online research, especially in the early stages of their business. That means that SEO is important in all areas. You can’t just focus on social media and SEO.
  • There are so many ways to get started in digital marketing. Start with social media. Once you start, you can work your way into SEO, content marketing, and other areas.
  • You can do a lot of online marketing if you learn SEO properly. SEO is basically about making your website more visible in search engines. It's tied in with getting more traffic to your site. That’s easier said than done, but the first step is usually to make sure you have a website.
  • It’s true that digital marketing is a lot of work. But, if you put in the work, you’ll end up getting lots of results. You can’t do things for long and expect results. But, that’s part of the reason why digital marketing is so popular. People see results. In many ways, people expect a lot of results and are often very happy when they get them.
  • If you know what you’re doing, digital marketing can be very effective.Even then, there are ways to get the most out of it. Here are just a few:

Go to Google AdWords (just make sure you’re using keywords!).

  • Set up Facebook ads.
  • Create a blog.
  • Use SEO.

If you can’t handle the work, you probably shouldn’t be doing digital marketing. Ensure you realize what you're doing previously.

 Digital Marketing 8 Category,

  1.     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2.     Pay-per-Click (PPC)
  3.     Social Media Marketing.
  4.     Content Marketing.
  5.     Email Marketing.
  6.     Mobile Marketing.
  7.     Marketing Analytics.
  8.     Affiliate Marketing.

Who is a development advertiser?

A development advertiser is whoever is entrusted with the fast development of a business, explicitly around utilizing computerized showcasing strategies. They have showcasing abilities spreading over something like four quadrants.

• They can execute and plan. That implies development advertisers can bear upping new promoting channels - yet they can likewise assist with picking those channels in view of your ideal interest group, item and KPIs.

They most certainly need a group like each and every other job yet at the same time, they're strong all alone. Consider the extraordinary development advertiser the nearest thing to a promoting generalist, assuming that seems OK. My cherished term to portray a development advertiser is 'profound generalist. 



Digital marketing is one of the most popular ways to get attention for your business. When people are looking for information online, it’s easy to get noticed. You can use SEO, content marketing, and social media to help get noticed.

Whenever you have a new idea for digital marketing, put it together. Start small, and build from there. Use this guide for what to start with.



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